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Leucegene data availability statement

June 1, 2023

The datasets generated by the Leucegene project are only partially accessible to the public due to legal and ethical limitations. We understand the importance of data availability and are actively working to make the findings of our project accessible to the scientific community. Currently, our focus is on writing articles that summarize our discoveries, while simultaneously preparing the data, Research Ethics Board approval and Institutional Certifications for release of genomic and clinical data through GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus) and dbGaP (database of Genotypes and Phenotypes). Ensuring ethical compliance in the release of data requires a significant amount of time and effort including going through dbGaP submission process. Consequently, we regret that we may not be able to address individual data requests in the upcoming months. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period. We are fully committed to upholding transparency and accessibility, and we look forward to sharing our findings with the scientific community.

In the meanwhile and to circumvent these limitations, please note that we are open to scientific collaborations. You can contact the Leucegene principal investigators for specific request related to your project:

Guy Sauvageau : surfaceome data, IC50 of selected clinical compounds in chemical screens
Josée Hébert morphology, cytogenetics, validated clinical data prepared by the Quebec leukemia cell bank for the Leucegene project
Sébastien Lemieux : sequencing data, bioinformatics
Anne Marinier : chemistry and molecules