Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find more information about the Leucegene Project ?
    The Leucegene project has a website which presents more general information such as the goals of the project, the researchers involved, the latest publications and more. You can visit for more information.

  • What is Leucegene's data access policy ?
    The data access policy will be available soon. For more information, contact us.

  • How to cite the Leucegene Project ?
    Leucegene's team requests that authors who use Leucegene data for publication acknowledge it in the acknowledgment section.
    Example: The results/or Some of the results obtained in this publication are based upon data generated by the Leucegene group primarily located at IRIC in Montreal, Canada and supported by Genome Canada and Genome Qu├ębec. This data was made possible through human AML specimens provided by the BCLQ, Montreal, Canada.
    To cite a tool developped by the Leucegene Project's team, please follow the instructions provided by each specific tool.

  • How were the mutations presented in the Mutations sections selected ?
    The mutations (and other variants) presented in the Mutations section represent a subset of all the called mutations (see the Pipeline section for more information). This subset was curated by the team members and the details of the curation process will be available soon.

  • I am a patient, where can I find information about AML and other research projects ?
    We maintain a list of resources on the website.